This route is open from October 2021 to August 2022.
Gamecode in GoCache: CS03

This route is 3,7 km long. It has some steep up and down hills with nature pathways. Some caches are not wheelchair accessible.

This route takes you past the Gasholder up to Korppolaismäki and back down to Telakkaranta. To the second cache you get to only from the north east end of Maununtyttärenkatu by foot or bike.

Some points have a virtual cache, remember to press the check-mark when it pops up.


The gasholder was built in 1912 when the gasfactory needed a bigger tank. Then gas was used for streetlamps, heating and boiling water. The gasholder consists of the tank and containment vessel. Next to it is also a ball shaped gasball which was only for restoring gas. Today, the gasholder belongs to Turku Energia and it works as a storage heater. The gasball is no longer in use, but it has been lighted up with NASAs video footage of the sun as part of Turku Night of the Arts.


When Erik XIV attacked Turku Castle in 1563 to get his halfbrother Duke John as a prisoner, he conquered the Korppolaismäki because the defense cannons of the castle were up here. Soldiers on the hill didn’t last long and they had to either run away or join the enemy. From this hill Erik’s army bombed the castle until John and his wife Catherine agreed to surrender 12.8.1563. 


Five years later the bothers switched places when Erik married a peasant woman Carin Månsdotter. This was the last straw for the family and nobility, since Erik had been an unstable king. Erik was thrown off the throne and John replaced him. Erik was brought to Turku Castle with his family as prisoners 1570 but they lived pretty normal lives. In 1573 Erik and Carin were separated and according to the tale, Carin had a cottage on this hill where she watched her dear husband at the castle.


This area is called Majakkaranta (Lighthouse beach) because in 1997 a 58-meter high-rise was built there. It is still the tallest apartment building in Turku. On this beach you lose the feeling that the busy Riverbank is right around the corner. Flickering sea, ducks, the greenness of Hirvensalo and completely different architecture brings out a new side of the city. Sit down and enjoy.

Erik Pommerilaisen ranta

This sand beach is also one of the surprises of this area, in english it is called Beach of Erik of Pomerania. Not so many know that there is an actual sandbeach for everyone to enjoy. The beach isn’t an official beach so it doesn’t have a lifeguard. Telakkaranta started to form in the early 2010 and new apartment buildings are built constantly.


The big red cranes are a memory of shipbuilding that happened here between the 1700s and 2004. The remains of the shipyard have been kept to complement the modern architecture. From these cranes and the shipyard history the area has gotten its name, Telakkaranta (Shipyard beach). Newest additions in the area are this restaurant Crane22 and upcoming Vulcan Spa nearby.