Campus Art

This route is open from August 2021 to August 2022. 
Gamecode in GoCache: CS02

This route is 2,2 km long. Road is level, with some descent but some caches are not wheelchair accessible.

Welcome to explore art and architecture of University campuses in Turku. Some you might know already, but others can be a bit hidden from the eyes.

Some points have a virtual cache, remember to press the check-mark when it pops up.



Published in 2014, Biodiversiteetti (Biodiversity) mural is a final project to the University of Art and Design by Jukka Hakala. The subjects were chosen from suggestions from the citizens.


MEANDERI finished in the end of 2020 by Anssi Pulkkinen and Taneli Rautiainen. It is part of Turku Technology Properties’ and Turku AMK’s collaboration project called KampusART. MEANDERI represents bent bicycle stand and it’s playing with the history of art. It interacts with passing and near parked bikes. KampusART has art also inside of EduCity and in the parking halls.  

ICT-City vs. EduCity

ICT-City and EduCity are for Turku University of Applied Sciences. Both, ICT-City (2006) and EduCity (2020) aimed for the highest standard and user experience in its architecture. Both wanted to be the best working environment for the students and staff. In the early 2000s it meant closed classrooms hidden in corridors, and in 2020 it was open multipurpose spaces and see-through walls.  

Campus Aboensis

Ordered by the Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS), Campus Aboensis was made by a local artist, Pepe González in 2012. This piece connects a bike stand into an art piece and it also has mathematical equations and formulas hidden in it.

OLO N. 44

This six-piece art was published in 2009 and it has two pieces outside, four inside Educarium and Publicum. Standing in a certain spot you can see them all. OLO N 44 is made by Marko Vuokola and Pasi Karjula. As you can see in the name, there is 43 OLO works been made before this. The first one was made to Tampere for the Contemporary Art museum. Different OLO pieces connect in material so they have a clear continuum. What do you think they represent?


Finished in 2020, Aurum holds facilities for natural sciences and technology faculties for Åbo Akademi and chemistry labs for the University of Turku. There is also Kårkafe restaurant, CampusSport gym and some office spaces. Located in the historical area of Turku Cathedral and National Urban park, architects wanted to integrate Aurum to the environment. Same material and tone of the original university building blends it in and ecofriendly solutions keep the area safe for the future.