Scenes from Turku

This route is open from August 2021 to August 2022. 
Gamecode in GoCache: CS01

This route is 4,7 km long. It has some steep ascents and some caches are not wheelchair accessible.

Have you ever seen a movie and wondered where it has been filmed? During this route you can finally find out some awesome movie locations, right here in Turku! This route is quite long, so we suggest you grab a bike and hit the road. We hope you have fun!

Some points have a virtual cache, remember to press the check-mark when it pops up.

TOVE (2020)

Biography of Tove Jansson, the creator of the beloved Moomins, is set in 1940s. The scary and haunting tales she used to tell children in bomb shelters suddenly take a life of their own. Tove inspires the Moomin stories with her own unconventional life, but to find her artistic identity she has to learn to find herself first.

Tove is partly set in Paris, but those scenes were filmed here in Turku due to COVID19 travelling restrictions.



Vares movies as based on Reijo Mäki’s detective books, and the main character, Jussi Vares is a private detective in Turku. There are 32 Vares books and 9 movies all together. The cache is located on the other side of the road from Vares’s regular bar, Uusi Apteekki. One of the owners of the bar has been written into the books as Kyyppari Korpela.



This epic adventure film set in 1630s when the thirty years’ war was raging in Europe. Captain of Kaarnoja ( Kaarnojan kapteeni) is a victorious swordsman who ends up in fierce battles with his loyal companion Sergeant Erkinpoika and succeeds to win the heart of a noblewoman Elisabeth. The film was filmed here in Turku at Luistarinmäki and Turun linna, but also in Parainen and Suomenlinna.

See the full movie here:


A light-hearted comedy about a blogger Marja who ends up head over heels in dept but tries to cover it up. She runs into Olavi who is a modest millionaire heir and decides to fix her problems by dating him, but what if she falls for him for real? The film is set in Turku and you can see many familiar places in it.


HELLA W.  (2011)

Biography of Hella Wuolijoki, a poet, spy and millionaire. She was a true businesswoman who collaborated with Bertold Brecht and Maxim Gorky, Europe’s leading playwriters but her politics and connections to different intelligence agencies made Finnish, Soviet and British secret services turn on her life, family and work. Some scenes were filmed in Kakola when it was empty, since the prison was moved to Saramäki in 2007.



Film by Mika Kaurismäki tells the story of Kristina of Sweden who became queen at the age of six. She was raised as a prince from her father’s wishes. She was brilliant, modern and fought the conservative forces that fought her ideas of what women should do and be like in the 17th century Sweden. Story is based in Sweden and Stockholm castle, but it was all filmed here in Turku.