History of Academics

The route is open from April to May in 2022.
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This route is 4,1 km long. It has some steep ascents but the caches are wheelchair accessible.

You might study or work at one of these universities, but do you know their history or when they were actually founded? After this route you will know, and can brag about your knowledge to your friends or colleagues. Some points have a virtual cache, remember to press the check-mark when it pops up.

Turun akatemia / Academy of Turku

In 26th of March 1640 Academy of Turku was founded when Christina, the Queen of Sweden (1626-1689) signed the charter of foundation. The first chancellor was the Finnish governor Per (Pietari) Brahe, whose statue is also nearby. For a long time, the Academy operated in the old cathedral school inside the cathedral walls and other buildings part of the walls around the cathedral. Here you see the memorial plaque reminding of the academy. In 1800s the Academy moved across the street.

Hotel Phoenix

After the devastating fire in Turku in 1817, the Academy was moved to Helsinki and Turku was without a University for 90 years. At 28th of February in 1920 the University Society decided to form a new University. Turun Suomalainen yliopisto (Finnish University of Turku) operated at the old Hotel Phoenix for 36 years. First year there were 160 students. New Phoenix building was built to the University Hill in 1958 and the old hotel was demolished year after that.

Turku School of Economics

Turku School of Economics was founded in 1950 and it operated its first years at Aurakatu 11. This judeng style stonebuilding was originally built for Turku commercial school in 1908. The two schools workd in there together until Turku School of Economics got its own building at Rehtoripellonkatu in 1958. New building has been expanded later in the 1980s and 2000s. Turku School of Economics was connected to the University of Turku in 2010. Building belongs to the Puolala upper secondary school.

Åbo Akademi

Åbo Akademi was founded in 1918 and it got its first students in January 1919. At first there were three faculties; humanities, sciences and also social sciences, which was the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. Chemistry and technology, theology and school of economics were founded a few years later. Åbo Akademi still operates in this building, but it has multiple buildings more around Turku.

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Officially Turku University of Applied Sciences (AMK) was founded in 1997, but it was made by combining existing schools. Oldest school that was combined to it was the drawing school, founded 1830. Now it’s part of the Art Academy. AMK operated first at Sepänkatu 2, stone building from 1903, and Sepänkatu 1, functionalism style house. Those were originally for the old Industry school. Also, Heideken at Sepänkatu 3 was at AMK use for a while. All AMK functions moved to Kupittaa in 2020.


Novia is the largest Swedish speaking university of applied sciences in Finland. It operates in Turku, Vaasa, Tammisaari and Pietarsaari. Novia has buildings at Hämeenkatu, Henrikinkatu and Juhana Herttuan puistokatu. Yrkehögskolan Novia was born, when Svenska Yrkehögsholan and Yrkehögskolan Sydväst were combined in 2008. Svenska Yrkehögskolan offered education in Vaasa, Pietarsaari and Uuskaarlepyy. Sydväst was one of the smallest universities of applied sciences in Finland.