Via Dolorosa

This route is open from December 2021 to August 2022.
Gamecode in GoCache: CS04

The route is 2 km long. It is leveled gravel or asphalt the whole way. Some caches are not wheelchair accessible.

The story of Via Dolorosa, aka Ruissalo Beach boulevard, started in 1972 when the two-year-old festival moved from Saaronniemi to the beach in Ruissalon Kansanpuisto. It is a significant migration because a considerable part of the Finnish population has wandered that path. Via Dolorosa feels spiritually much longer than it actually is, a bit over 2 kilometers. In the night, when thousands of festival people are exhausted it can take hours to walk.

Some points have a virtual cache, remember to press the check-mark when it pops up.

Road of suffering

This is where the legendary Via Dolorosa begins. Name doesn’t come from Jerusalem but from a song called Via Dolorosa by Tommi Läntinen (1986). It is said to be the campiest finnish song ever made and which the Ruisrock people have really taken their own. This location is also the place where people entering the festival drink up their own drinks and check if their minigrip bags filled with alcohol hidden in clothes still hold up.

Listen the song:

Mira Luoti at Ruisrock

To Mira Luoti, soloartist and former vocalist of PMMP, Ruisrock has been the most important festival of the year since she is from Turku. Before preforming in the festival, she had been volunteering there for years. One time she lost her sister right at the gate when entering the festival, and other time she lost her shoes and had to walk the Via Dolorosa back to town bare foot, although she found the shoes in her bag the next day.

Survival of Tehosekoitin

In 1993, yet penniless band Tehosekoitin went to Ruisrock. For the whole day the band had been carrying sleeping bags and tents around since they didn’t have money for the camping area. According to Matti Mikkola, in Via Dolorosa they saw a nice-looking meadow on which they set camp. But soon the security guard came to evict them because the tent was on private property. The band continued the night to the Tyhpoon- arena where legendary “Typpihappo” afterparty was hosted.

Proposing politician Li Andersson

Politician Li Andersson has been proposed on the Via Dolorosa. Does it have something to do with the marriage she is in now, you might wonder? Sadly, no. Andersson had responded to the suitor that he could show her that he means it by buying announcement space from next week’s newspaper with the same question. But when the critical day arrived, Andersson didn’t read the paper, so we shall never know if the suitor committed.

Hold on to your friends

One might be a bit tired and even drunk after a day at Ruisrock, so sometimes it is needed for your friends to hold on to you while walking. One tired partier had a jacket on backwards so the friend’s arms were inside the armholes to help the friend navigate through the crowd. Well, the helper found a festival sweetheart along the way so the arms fell of the jacket and the friend fell face down on the gravel. Hold on to your friends, will you? A scar from Ruisrock is known to last for years.

What happens on Via Dolorosa, might stay there.

Stories of this legendary path come in plenty, but some might stay hidden since lack of memory. Some have seen men slicing their jewels on a seatless bicycle, others have seen multiple pairs in the act of love. One party comes prepared and carries a cooler all day which they can open when the desperate wandering begins. Even though Via Dolorosa itself ends here, most continue many kilometers more to center or camping area.